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Making Space to Heal

On the Making Space to Heal page, Dr. Roderick Logan posts many helpful thoughts that help restore balance in your life.

Dr. Roderick Logan said, “Retreating from conflict comes at the risk of the loss of meaning and purpose. Peacefulness and happiness do offer placidity and tranquility, but too often at the cost of acquiescence. It is the one who learns how to withstand the winds of adversity who comes to see her/his character fostered and resiliency flourish.”

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Trauma Informed Parenting

On the parenting page, Dr. Roderick Logan posts many insightful blogs and thoughts provided by him and other sources.  

“…Something remarkable was going on in these families: The adults had an extraordinary ability to control their anger… Traditional Inuit parenting is incredibly nurturing and tender… They even have a special kiss for babies, where you put your nose against the cheek and sniff the skin… Lisa Ipeelie, a mom who grew up with 12 siblings, ‘When they’re little, it doesn’t help to raise your voice,’ she says. ‘It will just make your own heart rate go up.'”

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